Reviews for "Wereneffy"

I found the easter egg in the movie

And OMFG that was a cool movie but there are more whoop-@$$ clocks than I realized Just HOW MANY CLOCKS ARE THERE I need to know just E-mail me and i'll give you my E-mail address gamekid1998@yahoo.com give me a list of all the clocks and give me their pictures too so I know all the clocks and...! WOAH! sorry I've just had too much soda -_- so just respond. K?

MetalClock responds:

There are lots of clocks, probably thousands of them. Thanks for the review.


The easter egg is teh hilarious!!! good movie too!

Hehehehe Good one

Nice Halloween tribute! I am starting to like NefClock alot! Need more Nefclock!

I zoomed in on the book he's reading...

Could you shed any light on what it means? o_0

"The hat is yours, the hat is yours, hat-baby, hat-baby, the hat is living it up..." etc? ^_^;

At any rate, I love Nef's art style and Metal's animation. I find these movies very amusing. Keep it up!

MetalClock responds:

LOL! Somebody actually found it. That's a crazy song translated to english. It was/is a fad in Clockcrew. Didn't think anyone was gonna find that, thanks for the review.

good job!

just a question tho... i might just be on crack, but i thought that metalclock's garden gnome winked or somthing... i just cought it out of the corner of my eye... but like i said, i could just be on crack... it could have been nothing..

anyway, good job... you made me smile

MetalClock responds:

lol, maybe he does wink, maybe not... Try clicking him :)