Reviews for "Wereneffy"

There's no humor and crappy cliche violence

This whole series really blows. I've seen about 5 of these clock flashes and they all are really slow, have a crappy plot, no humor, and destroy the potential for humor with clocks. The original moxie clock was good with the crazy soda clocks and the punk tunes... but this shit is just aweful

MetalClock responds:

Series? Wtf are you going on about? Every single clock movie have it's own story and animation. I know maybe this isn't the best clock movie, but it's not "aweful shit".

Oh, and:
Flash by JaytheCat:
- none -
Try doing something better yourself, before saying other works are "aweful shit". You know, Nef and I put pretty much effort in this movie.

ThAt RooLeD!

That was a nice movie you made... I found the easter egg so that's why i gave a 10 for interactivity.(oh yeah that kryptoweasel guy was dumb stupid blammer)

SPOILER: You get the easter egg by clicking on the gnome.

MetalClock responds:

Hey, thanks! Good to see that not everyone are anti-clock's :)


WHat the #$%^ is it with you and clocks?

MetalClock responds:

WHat the #$%^ is with you reviewers? Don't vote low because of the main characters, vote on how the main movie is, asshole!


Fuck there is no point in this movie, hahahahaha! THIS SUX!!! ---assholes...

MetalClock responds:

Fuck there is no point in this REVIEW! HA HA HA and HA!


I am too sexy for my love... Hehehe. Good movie