Reviews for "Wereneffy"

The animation was brief, but it was high quality.

This is probably my favourite Clock Crew Halloween flash animation. Nef's style of drawing was great and Metal's animation was very good. I felt like it was lacking a bit in the sound department, but apart from that everything was swell.

DwarfinatorClock's easter egg was awesome too.

This deserves a 10 and added to favourites.


cool!! good work nef

This was great!

It started out like it wouldn't be a funny flash XD!

The Exorcist Theme?

Nice touch to a Halloween Clock movie. When I watched this, I experienced de-ja-vu. Then I realized it was a lot like that old movie "American Werewolf in London". I'll add this to my favorites because it's the only Halloween Clock movie I've seen. I'll add you to my favorite authors, because all of your Clock movies have Kabuu Clock and Nef Clock, and they are cool. Fiven!


Even though I am a Lock Legion Member, I still think that was a very good movie. Keep up the good work.