Reviews for "Wereneffy"

Great flash

Clicking on the gnome is erm.....interesting.....lol. Another great flash from metal clock <3 u are teh best.

It was good but.......

It was great but there was no easter egg. There was a gnome but if you wanted me to click, it there must be a catch. Sorry for being suspicios but i dont wanna lose my accounts on my games.

Good movie anyway though.

Good Stuff

More Nef is all the world needs. I agree with the other reveiwer, I wish I had a clock character, but im not an animater..... oh well. You rock the Casba Nef and Metal.

you are better than good

your flashes make me want to make up my own clock character oh and i love the easter egg my friend made me click on it for a good 30 mins oh and i love the voices for the clocks i don't care what others say but i want to know where you got them lol well thanx for making such good movies you make newgrounds proud ^n_n^

great job

I'm probably not allowed to do this but here goes. Ive seen most of ur works, and liked them all at that (congrats). However, for each 1, there seems to be some jerk that has some sort of haterism (i dont know). All I got 2 say is keep up the good work, and dont worry about the assholes who want try and put u down. they've got their problems (we all do really, haha), but thats on them dont let it get 2 u. C ya, my friend. Peace.