Reviews for "Wereneffy"


A horror like movie style, the music was good for this movie. A good idea with the wereneffy. I must add this also was a bit funny. The graphics were great and the animation was perfect.

Great work

Well done

Good job Metal and Nef, too bad you couldnt get it in in time for the competition, tis a shame.

and why dont people know dwarfi...

and why did one reviewer call you steel ball clock...


Heh, not bad

I especially liked the elf-- I mean the "uberthingie" (cant remember the title) dancing. I also enjoyed how the steel ball clock dude's voice changed halfway through the movie. Good work.

Love the elf...

Movie wasn't too shabby, the easter egg was rather entertaining :)

MetalClock responds:

Thanks, but that isn't an elf... It's the ├╝ber smecksay Dwarfinatorclock ^____^

Good ol' kick ass!

OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED PILLOW! And I think I found the egg, yay! Lol, anyway, awsome movie Metal... and Werenef.