Reviews for "Wereneffy"

right WTF

hey wtf is up with the clocks and the wer wolf and a garden nome aint an easta egg but it waz ok but ny way wtf do cloks and werwolfs hav to do with eachotha


I dont know why all the clocks use some gay sound program instead of using there real voice... Im tired of hearing Bonzi Buddy stuff... I FOUND THE EASTER EGG!!! "I'm to sexy for my love..." I think thats what it says.. Oh well thats the only thing thats not a voice program too..

Dwarfinator clock...

i'm beginning to think this clock thing may be getting a bit out of hand. of course, good movie, well written and all that, however, i'm sure you can only handle so much positive feedback so i won't shower you with compliments. my favor to you.

oh jeez

it was funny, but then i found the easter egg, oooh man thats hilarious!!

Yaaaaayy Long Live Queen of the Portal Nefclock

Love this Movie hehehe Cute widdle Nefclock on a scratching spree till she got that metal clock and her Nails Broke eeeep Poor nefclock Keep up the good work and I wanna Give out a shout to nefclock ....HI NEFCLOCK I LOVE YOU CAN I GOVE YOU A BIG WARM HUG??!!. great work I vote 10 on my review and I vote 5 on this flash animation ^_^
P.S hope to get a reply from my Review

MetalClock responds:

lol@nef stalker ;P