Reviews for "Wereneffy"

thats was very nice

make a sequel to this please it would be kool even though halloween is over


That was a quality submission. The story was cool, and i absolutely loved your style of drawing and animation. Nice job!

Too sexy, indeed...

That movie was the swizzles, my nizzles. Great job. It would have been a nice Halloween submission, but I understand the problems and such. Besides, it's still an awesome movie, whatever day it is. Except Tuesdays. I watch my soaps on Tuesday. <3<3<3

im too sexy for my love!

i found da easter egg! i found da easter egg! haha... so lucky! xp it's ez! btw kewl flash!

Nothing Special

I dunno, I'm a bit of a fan of the clock crew, but this animation was reaching a bit. It would have been better to add more emphasis on the trasformation (bigger claws, drooling, a red eye, er clock) but the sound was right on.