Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"

SO many tunnel

I';ll be honest I did pretty good untill I hit all the tunnels. I was killed by a bunch of little bugs. Not sure how a ghost is killed by bugs. Just how was rayable to shot light balls from his hands?
Taht was confusing, but i still liked this esp.

Violet-AIM responds:

The fictional world of ghost motel is like a dream world... negative feelings (such as fear) could be what hurts the ghosts and puts them in a fearful trance (coma). But they're not really dead in the way humans are. It's sort of like how in a bad dream(or nightmare), you can get overcome by negative emotions and things can seem so scary and real.
I don't think anyone has asked about Ray shooting light balls before, which is good you mentioned it. Ray's weapon is his magic clown gloves, which happen to shoot positive energies at evil demons. Whereas Joseph's weapon of choice might be a sword. Does that make sense? Thanks for the review ramagi.


well done wonder how long it took you to think up thoughtforms (those black bad thought crystals and pink good thought crystals wich can be used to fight demons and demons feed of the black crystals) mind blowing. and this is about as much of a game as all of them so far.

Violet-AIM responds:

I read about the concept of "thoughtforms" while I was researching paranormal/psychic stuff, though I'm not into that stuff anymore. The idea behind "thoughtforms" were that when we think thoughts, there appears some kind of spiritual matter(form) in another plane/dimension/realm, and that the residue of some kind of emotion or situation could still linger in another place, though it appears invisible in the physical world... from what I remembered hearing. I don't believe in that stuff though but it's interesting to hear about. A lot of things in ghost motel were inspired by various different paranormal and spiritual concepts. Such as the concept of an afterlife or place in between heaven or hell. And ghost motel is just a blend of all this, set in pure fiction, just for fun, to tell of an adventure story of one particular ghost. This episode was important for explaining these concepts, since people didn't really understand before how ghosts and demons could hurt each other. And since thoughtforms exist in their world, they must serve a purpose, as a form of energy, for good or bad.

Better then all previous!

This game tops all three movies, and the previous game. This is by far, the most interactive and violent game you have put out of the series (so far).

Very fun, lots of interactivity, though I didnt see any real improvement in graphics, it was still much more fun then Ghost Motel 4.

The sound quality has seen a lot of improvement. this is a definately a quality game! Congrats on the Daily 4th!

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks jOObie. It's been awhile since ep.5 came out. It's nice to see someone really liked it, cause it did take awhile to plan out and set up those traps for Joseph. Yeah, compared to ep.4, there was more danger (or violence) in this episode. :)

good stuff!

easily the most intereactive yet, and the most violent.
i found it a lot harder because to find the right tunnel, Joseph had to die quite a few times, heh.
overall, the graphics and animation are quite good.
The sound has come a long way and improved a lot since the first couple of episodes. The music is good, and the voice quality is also very good.
so i hope the next episode is as long as this one was! so well done guys. very good work
overall score: 7/10

Violet-AIM responds:

Maybe so, but in the future, there might be more violence in another episode. I thought this one was an easier episode since you didn't have to worry about clues, but just to find the right pathway. Thanks for reviewing M-A-R-C-U-S!

this is the episode is kindly cool

please dont put flashing lights i hate them but still good movie anyway

Violet-AIM responds:

Well I'll try not to, even though I kinda like flashing lights.