Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"

One of my faves

This one is one of my faves of the series, i really enjoyed it, aswell as alot of the interaction. very welldone loved it, keep up the good work


Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks hon.

Building up

Nice to see that this series is progressing well. I am getting good background information on the characters and how it all develops around them. I think it's a shame that the game concept doesn't respond well to my traditional rule of "always go left"

That aside, it's a nicely made game, which despite the trial and error basis of rooms has quite a depth of plot.

I think that it's working toward something big and bad happening in the next episode or two and I can't wait for it,a s the suspense is starting to get to me.

[Review Request Club]

Violet-AIM responds:

Yeah we try and make good endings to keep people wanting more, Thanks for the review.

Nice background information

This flash offers some nice background information about the "ghost world". I like the idea of the thoughtforms very much.

However, I had the same sound problems as Corky. Sometimes the dialogues where played before they actually should take place. This leaves a very bad impression on this otherwise very good flash.

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Violet-AIM responds:

Yep this flash had some issues, I hope we did better on the next one.


I didn't really like this one. I don't know if it was my computer or if it was the flash.. but wow..

Animation/Graphics - Not bad. You had a lot of animation and everything. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this flash animation or graphic wise.

Story/Content - Again, not that bad at all. You had a lot of interactivity and other things like that. A good story and a good story line overall with all of the flashes. It's a great series from someone to watch and enjoy. I like that there is a little bit more action in this submission than your other ones.

Audio - Ouch... I don't know if this was my computer or not, but the audio made this submission pretty bad. Sometimes it would play when it shouldn't and sometimes it wouldn't play at all. I heard "Help me Joseph" about 3 or 4 times randomly and the same with other audio. Sometimes the audio played well ahead of when it was suppose to or well behind where it was suppose to. Sometimes it never even played. That really hurt this submission in terms of my enjoyment.

Overall - Sorry if that audio mix up was just my computer, but if it wasn't then it's something that should be fixed up because I didn't enjoy it very much. Even though I guess you won't be fixing it since you made this back in 2003.

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Violet-AIM responds:

Yeah this was a tough one for me and X, but it seemed to be ok in the end, Sorry for the issues.

The flashing lights...

The flashing light is (well at least I think so) is because when that demon gribs Joseph, she fills him with hate (she fills him kinda with the black crystals) and then the Flashing lights is just a great way to point that she, like, puts it inside him... And I think Thats a great idea to show it