Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"

i have seen better

Ive seen much much better but how they talk is sooo fucking funny and its very dull its not like some thing u want to play for a couple of hours.

Pretty good

This was pretty good.. as this series normally is..those explainations tended to drag on a bit but other than that i dont see a problem with this game.. i think people like crono are funny they get free entertainment yet they are so critical and demanding about it.first of all.. if they want something with super graphics and tons of things to do maybe they should get a game system and stay the hell off newgrounds.and i also thought it was funny he attempted to ruin the game for everyone else by telling the solution to the tunnels.. well i peropously went the other way and found there is an alternate path.anyways good work with this.. while the voices could be better.its not like you have a sound studio and can go hire a crew of pro voice people to do it.. so i cant fault any flash artist on NG for voices.keep it up. i figured id give ya all 10's to ballance out that 0 crono gave u :).. woulda been like 7's or 8's but i figured id help ya out :) since its obvious u try hard and put alot of work into your series... unlike some people *cough*crono*cough* who have no flash on NG.

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks for defending me on my flash. Yeah, we try hard, but it isn't easy achieving something anywhere near perfect. Mainly I do Ghost Motel to tell a story, which is fun to do, it's kind of a drag when people get bogged down over the little things. But, we'll still keep trying to improve in any way we can.


once again, great series

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks again Maggot-06!

Another excellent Episode of Ghost Motel.

This was another great interactive episode of Ghost Motel. I definitely like the idea of the storyline being more interactive. The scene selection menu really comes in handy when you need to go back. I can hardly wait for Ghost Motel 6, keep up the excellent work. :)

Violet-AIM responds:

Hey gamewiz45, thanks for watching & reviewing this episode. I need a little break from ghost motel now, but not to worry, I've got a lot of good things planned for the 6th one, which will make it even better than this one.


You know the like 4th ghost motel... thing... i played like in the middle of the night. i couldnt almost fckking sleep it was shit scary!
Ah well good "game" or whatever.

Violet-AIM responds:

really? I didn't the 4th one was that creepy