Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

The first one to eat a million wins!

Damn, that was awesome. Really awesome. I loved the faces, actually. Very simple, but still aesthetically pleasing. I loved it.

toxicbomb responds:

Ya, I recommend watching the first one! :D

hey toxic!

hey man.. im the one who reviewed ur movie.. madness combat tribute and i didnt log in for a VERY long time and once i saw you made another madness just for me i hurried and watched your other tributes. if you read this please reply. p.s nice movie!

toxicbomb responds:

Whoops, a little late to be responding, ay? Well, I appreciate your love for the madness tributes! More to come? Who knows! :D

You da bomb!! LoL

This was a great remake. I also like your mad christmas. Your a gret flash person thingy. Check out my faverite authers lst, your ahead of krinkles!!!

toxicbomb responds:

HAHA! IM A FLASH PERSON THINGY! WOO! haha. Thanks for adding me to your fav's. :)


just like the original

I like how some people died after being shot. Tox rules!

toxicbomb responds:

WOO! Whos Tox? lol jk


Not to good, not to bad

toxicbomb responds:

Cool :)