Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

good movie

I liked it but at the part where you have to click start i want to know what song that little jingle was from because i've heard the song before but i don't know the name of it and it's kinda been pissing me off because i like the song.So back to the movie,i liked it but i kinda prefer the original,no offence.

toxicbomb responds:

lol yeah, the original is always gona be better :-D. But that song at the begining is Called: Paint it Black byt the Rolling Stones. :-)

A bit to copied...

It's not as good as the orginal.
Jup... That's right...
Krinkels is mush better!!!
yes... That's what I said...

toxicbomb responds:

Glad you noticed that it was copied! And yes, Krinkels has magical powers

that was a pritty good replica

over all 8

toxicbomb responds:


My Question, Is Why?

Well, it wasn't terrible... but... just... why do we need to see that again? If I wanted Mashmellow Madness, I could just watch the real one (which didn't have that weird 3D cannon in it to make it look all the more horrible). I mean, this movie's alright... but it's undenyably pointless.

toxicbomb responds:

uhh, that cannon wasn't 3d. I used radial gradiants! :P

I liked it. Really good remake

It's kinda like Marshmellow Madness special edition with improved graphics and animation.

toxicbomb responds: