Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"


cannon didn't fit in

Sorry about that... this IS good.

I'm sorry... pardon my freind Lightwing1047 (yes, he actually is my freind, we write to eachother a lot). This actually is very nice.... I like remakes, I see this as one of thoose old movies that have remastred for DVD. The second before I loaded this up, I knew it had to be a noice remake like Pico's School was. I must say that this is a exelent remake for Krinkle's first Madness flash ever. I enjoyed the graphics and zoom-ins at times. Some graphical parts reminded me of The People's Mario. I also noticed you fixed that little mistake Krinkles made, The Teen rating for Mild Violence... thanks for doing that too. I showed my grandma the very first original Marsh-Mellow Madness. Now I should show her this. Really nice, there actually should be more remakes of infamous flashes on Newgrounds than there already are.

Awsome As Hell...

Uterly good aspecaily paint it black by the rolling stones!


Weeee, that was good! I liked the spice you've given this movie, and to the idiots that say this was plagurized and stolen, screw them. You've even mentioned in your title 'MARSH MADNESS REMAKE' so you clearly indicate you remade it. Nice 3-D, I loved the new touches, obviously better than the original because the original was one of Krinkel's early works. Nice job! ^_^

Well,it was better than Krinkle's....

You got this from Krinkels I know,I gave you a 0 in sound because you made it the exact same thing as Krinkles.But you made the graphics better and the few sequence of events and changes were just better than the original.It was preeety good but try to get your own ideas,K?