Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

I found it great

I found this flash great. Thats all.


actually, this is WAY better than the original, but the actual one shouldn't be copied. thats a no-no! that's why style is 0.

toxicbomb responds:

Man, I totally agree with you. Some day, which is far off, I will just make it in my own way, rather than follow as close as I did. I appreciate the review!

actualy, this is really good

it dose look like you took the original and just made it diffrent, but the changes are really good. the hands when the guy gave him the 5 cents looked real. good job. i think Krilkies himself wolud be impresed.

toxicbomb responds:

:) Ya, but I want to remake this. There needs to be my own personal view on the story, you know? Rather than just copy his own story, I would like to illustrate another perspective. Thanks for the review :)

nicely done

hes not a theif hes going to remake it not do the excat same thing this flash is difrent

toxicbomb responds:

Ya, im not sure what I was thinking, but I can say I feel a little ashamed. Just a little though! ^_^ It was fun to make.


You're under arrest until you can make your own ideas, bub!
A 0 goes to YOU!

toxicbomb responds: