Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

I Think It's Better

I think you did a better job than Krinkles. I liked the improved graphics and the larger amount of deaths!!

toxicbomb responds:

Thanks! :D


I think that this was just like the marshmellow madness but with more violence! Hooray violence! But the graphics weren't as good as madness ones, I still kinda liked this one.

toxicbomb responds:

Sweet! :D

Better than your other 'Madness' tribute.

The animation & graphics were much better, allthough some graphics looked nothing like madness ones.
I give you a 0 for plot because you copied it of Krinkels.
I give you a 0 for sound because allthough the music matches the animation and what's happening, you still copied it, try doing one of your own, like the 'Agent Cliff' one.

But overall, I give you a 7.

toxicbomb responds:

Hey, thats a decent score! :)


You rock!!

Tell Me If Its True!

toxicbomb responds:

I could possibly rock on certain occasions!

pretty good!

this was good, but ur madness tribute is better. keep up the good work!

toxicbomb responds:

I will try! Thank you! :D