Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

Good, you can animate.

Now do something that hasn't been done before. Good animation is half the battle. Creativity and originality is the other.

PS I'm not saying you're incapable of this, your other flash might even prove that you are capable, I'm just saying this movie was pretty much the exact same thing as Marshmellow Madness.

toxicbomb responds:

well yeah...


it was almost exactly like the old one but one thing i like better... lol more people missed the marshmellow and died in urs so ill give it to u for that. Alot more violent than the original. I hope u got permission from Krinkel or u can goto hell. lol

toxicbomb responds:

haha thanks. I feel real mad but kinda stupid about how I did this movie. People are really getting mad, so you know what? Im gonna make another one! Except with a completely different story! I hope they like the next one :|

That was cool

I liked it, i have to admit this is very much like the original marshmallow madness, but still its the best damn tribute ive seen on newgrounds.

toxicbomb responds:

well thank you! Glad ta hear it..

It was funny

But it wouldve been nice to see a change in the original.


toxicbomb responds:

o well...


Before you keep yelling at everyone saying you got permission from krinkels to do this, why not say so in "Author Comments" It would make things much simpler. You keep yelling at everyone for stealing and copying, etc, but really, its your own damned fault you fucking dildo. "Think before you act"

*By the way, while I wait for your ignorant reply, remember these words*

"Fighting over the internet is like the special olympics, if you win, your still retarded"

So please, when you comment, if you do, no.. better yet, don't, this movie was hardly worth my notice.

To show my least noticableness of this fucking "remake" is this review.


toxicbomb responds:

hahawhat the. I was yelling? :-P