Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"


Granted your animation was awsome... But what is with this sudden rash of people copying virtually scene by scene the Marshmellow Madness animation. I mean the original was good and so was yours, but why not focus your energies on something we havent seen before.

I didnt blam your flick or anything, You did a really good job, Maybe it only me but I just cant understand it...

toxicbomb responds:

it was a remake...

haha COOL

I would write a COOLER review right now, but I have to poop. Good job yet again, Matt. Me an you really should work on "Outpost" and give back to "Beast" for one of the greatest flash movies ever.

toxicbomb responds:

Fo sho, B! Fo sho!


It wasn't that bad, but why would anyone want to watch this if they've already seen the original?

toxicbomb responds:

well it was just a remake. I thought it would be cool...


I was prepared to blam the hell out of this when i first read what it was about. but that was quality. well made, good graphics, and overall a well made tribute.

toxicbomb responds:

Heh, thanks! Most people "DISPISE" it.

What the hell?

I am so damn confused! Where the hell did he get that damn marshmallow? And what kind of drugged-up hippie wants to get shot out of a cannon into a marshmallow with dead bodies lying all around it? That was hilarious.

toxicbomb responds:

Well the idea was Krinkels's. He made the original of this. I just did my own remake.