Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"


You seem like like a pretty cool animator, why don't you make your own flash with your own characters and your own story?

toxicbomb responds:

I have :-D I know people get sick of my madness cartoons, but it feels like i was ment to make cartoons like that. Sounds stupid I know. But it is really fun. Sorry if it annoyed you. :/


That was pretty good. I agree with the last guy, too much like the original. I liked it though. Nice work. Keep it up! Oh and by the way, I hope you had Krinkles permission to use the Madness guy.

toxicbomb responds:

of course, I asked him if I could do a remake! Jeez... at least you thought it was good.


Sorry, but that was way to close to the original.

toxicbomb responds:

haha is that a bad thing? Thats what I wanted to do. Thanks for your review!

where to report???

guys... where to report a stolen work???
i remember seeing a button like that... wonder where already!!??

toxicbomb responds:

uhh... yyyyyeah. Wasn't stolen, haha oh man.

You crossed the line

plagiarism, noun
1: a piece of work that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work
2: the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own

That was shot for shot, sound for sound, a total copy of the original. Before you say it, Yes. I totally recognize that you animated it all by your self without the original Flash Data to work from. But the thing is just animating an added hat and just changing(or improving as you seemed to aim for) the graphics STILL is plagiarism no matter how you look at it. I mean... fuck man, just look at your title... MY marshmallow madness. MY! It almost seems like you're fully aware that you're stealing the idea.

I went back and looked at your earlier flashes, those were good and I liked them for their content. (The Room rocked btw) But this I despise. This is nothing more than a text book case of plagiarism. I'd like to see your ideas presented at this quality, or atleast an actual...
tribute, noun
1: A gift, payment, declaration, or other acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration, example; to put up a plaque as a tribute to one's generosity.
2: Evidence attesting to some praiseworthy quality or characteristic, example; Winning the scholarship was a tribute to her hard work.

I'm only being honest and I look forward to your verbal lashing response and/or death threat via e-mail.

Thank you.

toxicbomb responds:

Haha I bet you had fun writing that review! Not even gonna read all of it because its a waste of time. I can say this though, "It almost seems like you're fully aware that you're stealing the idea" well DUH! But it was my own remake. And you know what, im sick of you people who have nothing better to do than leave a review that was probably MERNT to hurt me, but did not. Im proud of this movie, but people like you aren't gonna make me change it. SO yeah, glad you liked it sooooomuch. and thanks for you review!