Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

the best ever

I loved it, it was hilarious yet scary, very good combonation

i liked it

it was long but liked it anyways i thought it was pretty intresting

It's almost as long as one of the fucken movies

This is actually quite entertaining, at least that's what I thought of it. The movie is based on a kinda RPG/NES style game. It can be pretty funny in parts and pretty fucken disgusting in others. Two things to look for durring the movie, the lesbains and Damien, you know the kid from the Omen (if you have no idea what I'm talking about drive your fucken ass over to Blockbuster and rent it.

Don't listen to everyone else....

Being a huge fan of the Friday The 13th Series, this is a fricken gem! The only thing I didn't like was the incorperating of South Park. That was a little lame. But The Facts Of Life had me rolling on my ass laughing. :)

Keep it up! (After all, there WERE 11 movies... :)


okay, too long. and for some reason, the sound kept dying. and i din't get the ending.