Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"


SUGAR_STUDIOS Ur gross and stupid and YOU Just suck!

This ruled!!!!!!!! FAVORITE!!!!!

i didnt like it

it was gross and stupid and it just sucked

very unoriginal

How original can this movie be, if you took the exact quote that appears at the end of that game? How do I know this? I took am a fan of this game for the nes, but not this!
You obviously put a lot of work into this, but I think, maybe, if you released this in October, it might have been a little more polished for our viewing pleasures. There was just so much nonsense in this movie that ruined it. The fade out tweens were to slow, you spent way too much time in between scenes with your lame visuals (which didn't even look that good anyway), and the plot was very thin for a flash movie MOVIE.

I hope this a lesson to make your movieS shorter and more too the point. This wasn't even that entertaining.

Too long for how stupid it was

Before you submit your next movie please edit, ask yourself "does this really need to be in here?" and the getting stabbed in the vagina was a little over the top.


That was the biggest waste of 10 minutes I've ever had. Thats right folks...10 minutes plus. I'm sorry but that was WAY too long and wasn't funny in any way whatsoever. You badly ripped off so many different things...it was ridiculously stupid. And on top of that you seem to have a lot of repressed sexual tension. Sorry this is crap.