Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

Fucking great movie!!!!

This is the way the nintendo game should have ended, i really liked it, congratulations man keep making cool movies.

What a bunch of idiots...

Ok, you bunch of idiots. You guys dont like this movie because one person doesn't like it. Thats the problem about people who say dumb stuff. Like you Nuttymelonboy "wot a load of crap! i u dont belive me watch it" god what a freakin retard! You people are idiots. reading bad reviews, you guys just put down what they say in different words God you people suck


wot a load of crap! i u dont belive me watch it, but it will be a waste of 10 mins i definitely agree with sevenzeros


when i saw the reviews i thought "can't be that bad..." well... it is THAT bad... if u don't trust me, watch the damn thing... then at least i won't be the only one who wasted 10 minutes on the shitty movie...

Creative but long

A big thumbs up to bringing back some good ol' memories of playing around on the NES with this game. The sprites are good and very coherent, which means you took your time with this. Kudos to premarital sex.

The length was a tad long, and there were quite a few parts that could have been cut down a bit for time issues - such as the jerking off scenes. The outside references of Duke and SP were a tad much I must say. It would have been best if it had only been the kids and Jason.

But all in all, the work you've put into it shows.

Very creative thinking with the Facts of Life, that was just creepy.