Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

loved it.

It was funny..i loved it.

just, retarded

it had a really stupid sense of humor, (exept with duke nukem) it was so long, and boring, it was not that enjoyable. also when jason mother appears on the screen or something, i thought it was another prank video trying to scare you. because of how random it was.

best 16 bit on ng

i know this move came out 4 yrs but it is funny long live jasn!(not really)


that is the most well done thing i have ever seen on NG! it was like a real movie! a little humor a little gore it was perfect! except of coarse the flashback part but the rest of it was good.

kick ass

this is one of the funniest tragedies ive seen on this site
Long live Jason!