Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"


..Normally i seen it about a half a year ago, but i'm posting this review today. 'cause i didn't register until today. so i'm posting it here now :p

Amazing how it's about 15-20 minutes, and it's only 2,832.1 Kb in size! lol, the ending scared the living a$$ outta me.. btw, is that music from Final Fantasy series?? Anyway, don't have anything else to day, but great job joevill! ^_^
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PS: why's the score ONLY 3.81 (deserves a way higher score than that!)

- Radpyke

I'm not sure...

It was good. Not my personal favorite. Perverted. Funny. I won't be watching it again though...

man that rocks

fu*king good movie


Lol what was in TV was so funny!!
Lol the telephon rang in the wrong time :D
The animation is really funny and the graphics are good! Better music to put i cant find ;)
Lol clean this place up :D

Best F13 ever!

Where did u get all the sprites and backgrounds?
Awesome movie man!

joevill responds:

I took the time to capture them from the NES game