Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

Not bad...

Finnally, some one made a Friday the 13th NES parody. I remember that game, and it was hard as hell. But it could have been better. Nice try, tough, I'll give you that.


Sad thing is... I remember playing this game as a kid, it was immposible, I dont think many people appreciate this movie cause they havent played the damn game, to me, this is halarious, nice work!


I remember playing that stupid jason game all the time as a kid XD...I never fcking won...not even one damn time....tried downloading it again recently and turns out it was too freaking complicated for me to play?
Ugh what a weird game that stupid thing was....
Hey im a big disappointed you didnt involve the severed heads in the woods Q-Q
- - - also soooo true about how long it takes to kill jason...for hells sake that guy was immortal

Sweet Christmas!


love the NES graphics..but sorry didn`t like it

waste of time....sorta funny..cool old style graphics...but eh:/