Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

Very good tribute

I was always a large fan of the Friday the !3th game for NES, and thi is by far the perfect tribute too it. Kepp up the grand work ;)

joeevil your right

here are the body counts for ft13 pt.3

Friday the 13th, Part 3

1. Harold : Cleaver to the chest.

2. Edna : Knitting needles in the back of the head.

3. Fox : Pitchforked through the neck onto a rafter. (off-screen)

4. Loco : Pitchforked in the stomach.

5. Ali : Macheted to death.

6. Shelly : Throat slashed. (off-screen)

7. Vera : Speargun to the eye.

8. Andy : Macheted in half.

9. Debbie : Knifed from underneath her hammock.

10. Chuck : Electrocuted on a fuse box.

11. Chili : Stabbed with a fire poker.

12. Rick : Head squeezed till his eye pops out.


dude make part three and u need to fix something it wasnt crissy who survived it was debbie

joevill responds:

It was Crissy, watch it again you will see.

Sweet movie

Real kikass movie but uh where did u get those sprites?? I really need 2 no.... Kikass movie though!!


since it was for a nes game u shuold of had it freeze and hear someone go goddamnit