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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

sweet ass movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg reignofhell honestly who say's hellafunny thats so dumb. ooo (that was hellafunny) what a dumass stop watching south park you nerd.
any way nice movie man.

Finally JAY!

Jeese lol It's been long enough! Lmao anyways that was really great animation ass normal and hey man nice stuff with pulling that stuff outta the donkeys as lol. WOW! I mean jeeses man that was hella funny and a little shirt, god man that was great shit. Anyways, love your work and I hope too see alot more like this if not better here at Newgrounds! Nice job with the cheap ass dirt walls lol. Love the movies and glad your putting them down on Newgrounds.com! Not too mention very smooth ^_^



I love these movies. Great job on this one. I loved the Strongbad poster on the wall. Keep em coming.


some things i dont get like what did kegel do to that donky and i dont know i heard right but did all that stuff come out of kook's ass!? what ever but it was funny

Bite me Tank7699

Its lowlives like Tank that need to actually look beyond content with their tiny brains.

This was interesting. Had some humor in it. overall I enjoyed. It was a chuckler! You dont see many of those anymore. Great job on the animation. It was real smooth.