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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

That sucked

How the hell did THAT make the front page. That sucked ass. I didnt find anything about that movie funny, and anyone who did, is a retard.

good one

good job. i liked how you had strong bad on the wanted poster in one of the frames. nicely done.

kool but....

i saw ur other episode whistle tip and how u had the black people in it are u tryin to say that all black people act like that and they go to jail and all that shit cuz i saw the mans handcuffs and that they have gold teeeth and shit like that i think u need to update that film lemme tell u all black people are not like that cuz im black and i think it's fucked up that u think that are u racist or somethin cuz i will blam u and boycott ur films Mr.Jay Donaldson and if any 1 says somethin about me in further reviews fuck u ur mom and ur dad then go rape Mike jackson like u always do u sorry little skin head

jato responds:

actually, not to burst your bubble, "whistle tip" is a parody on a KRON news report featuring whistle tips in Oakland.

The characters in my epsiode are parodying bubb rubb and little sis. the two people featured in the interview on whistle tips.

see for yourself:


Why don't you pull it out of your a$$! hehehe

That jack a$$ had the hook ups. This movie was awesome i recomended it to everyone. Graphics where amazing, sound was great. Smooking rat's who could go wrong and a pooch. Great work Jato keep up the good work!!!!

Perfect job!

Kegel and his large Norse friend are wonderful! I'm from North Dakota bordering Minnesota, and I get to hear people actually talk like that.