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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"


Pretty good job man. I like the 'kegel' series of flashes. "The Toilet" does a good job of promoting them and since seeing some of them there i've been pretty amused by what you make. Keep up that good stuff.

Very nice

What I said up there. Very nice. You've got talent that I haven't seen too often here. That, and I liked the inclusion of Strong Bad on the "wanted" poster. Keep up the good work, and you'll keep getting 4s and 5s from me.

Hey Finally BOYS

Finally, another Kegal episode....not as good as the last ones...still good. Hey man, try to spit these out mroe often bud.

Great Stuff

That was hillarious. The comedy and voices were scond to none. Keep it up!

Pretty good!

The graphics werre decent and flowed smooth. Plus, love the dog!