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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

hey what was Strongbad doing in there

hahah i love homestarrunner.com it is such a friggen great site.

PS. good movies it was very funny


It was ok.. I was expecting something more .. and then it ended.

Brilliant but not really laugh out loud funny...

its a smart kind of funny. Definitely my favourite in the series so far. At first it reminded me of the X-Files where I think it was Doggett was in a Mexican Prison. btw whats happened to Kegel: clown tech support? Its not in your list of favourite submissions.

Madness Interactive needs a higher score than this

This was a decent display of artistic ability. But unfortunately there is nothig else. Except the last "punchline": "The was a farmer who hada dog and BINGO was his name".

Not too good, but not too bad.

Madness Interactive deserves a higher score that this got.

It was pretty good......

I guess (But thats just me talkin)

It didnt make me laugh for some reason