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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

Great movie.

Newgrounds must be running slow today or something, because that took forever to load on broadband.

Anyway, very amusing, very advanced piece of work. Funny as heck too.

seemed to take forever to load...

Must be something wrong with newgrounds...
Anyways, looked very nice... the big dog seemed very 'kewl' too...
I truly hope you're going to make a movie in the future that contains a little more action.. (because, I like action :) hehe)

I jot got a new god...

What a great movie. I've only been working with flash for about a month, and so far, every submission I've made, has been blammed. I just hope, that some day, I'll be as good as you.

Keep up the good work. I'm gonna go watch your other movies ;)

jato responds:

thanks, glad you like it.

if you're getting blammed, try this -- make a short 15 or 30 second animation. focus on making it as cool as possible, regardless of how long it takes to make. don't cut corners. and don't use tweening (not yet at least). do frame by frame animation to start. and get some cool music from the audio portal.

not bad

good but not funny

Hey what can I say...

I have loved all your stuff so far and always have. Thanks for making these :). I don't see too much entertaining flash on this site since 12 year olds frequent here and only like stupid humor. I really really enjoy your movies.

jato responds:

thank *you*! more kegel on the way!