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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

I don't know why he mentioned Bingo at the end. I did find myself kind of liking these characters. I'm just not that familiar with them. It's nice to see this good animation. It really did feel Mexican. I could see this happening to the characters.

I'm still not that familiar with them. The voices are all very good, especially the big dog's. Yikes, this won a lot of awards. I feel bad for not giving it a higher rating. Well, I still at least liked it.

funny as hell but racist also


This is the funniest......


"moriremos aqui...." jajajjjhajjajajahhaahjajajajajajaja, and the giant burrito! lmao

Hilarity At It's Finest

That made me laugh the whole time. The voice acting was great and so was the nonlinear plot. Even the Strongbad reference in the background was funny. This cartoon here is why I love Kegel.