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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

Not funny.

I liked the style of animation and the graphics were damn good ,but the voices of the characters and sense of humor involved got on my nerves.Like I said great animation,it's just not my style of humor.


"A Giant Burrito! We're saved!...Why is Kook smoking the burrito?"
Darn that cracked me up...
Oh yah, why is StrongBad in the animation? Or at least partially? He isn't even mentioned in the credits like "Strong Bad © Homestarrunner.com" or something..

jato responds:

heheh! strong bad is on a wanted poster in the background of the cell. it was really more of a nod to the homestarrunner series than a cameo or anything.


The only redeeming factor to this entire trifle of a file was STRONG BAD on the poster in the background and ya know what you shouldnt mooch off other peoples success strong bad is way better than kegal any day in my book

Nice ref to Stong Bad on the wanted poster

I agree with JaredusSnake, soulscreme, and DeadByDawn. This is the worst one yet.

What a pile-o-crap

If you're thinking about watching this DON'T DO IT!!!!
Ok, I'm sorry, but I couldn't even sit through 30 seconds of that crap. The animations were mediocre, the color scheme was piss poor, and as soon as they started talking i wanted to kill the voice actors. Please, who ever did those voices should never ever ever be allowed to act ever again, for the safety of the free world.