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Reviews for "Lost in Tijuana"

Hurrah for subliminal messaging!

I saw AOL at the beginning when it says "Jay Donaldson" all line up and appearing first. Please don't tell me that was a coincidence. As for the movie, very good, I especially loved the big dogs voice and that big "burrito".

Strong bad in the background.

lol cool movie. i saw strongbad in the back.

Good movie

I enjoyed this. I really liked the theme song at the beginning. I hope you make more of this series, so keep up the good work!

This was great!

U should be paid to make these...Oh wait, u r!
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Godly Funny

Oh man, Everything just played so well together and all the little refferences . . . classic!

What makes this movie so great is the little things that will no doubt become popular symbols or phrases. My personal favorite is "Why are ou smoking that Burrito?". I've seen some big ones, but damn that's a big burrito!

Oh, and I was amazed at the poster for Strong Bad. I assume you're a fan of the SB-Emails. :D

jato responds:

thanks! glad you like it.

and i'm glad you noticed the SB wanted poster! yeah, i'm a big homestarrunner fan. the bros chap rock!