Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


Your song make me want to wright again. Very good song, as always.


This is beyond epic! just one question; how the average score of your songs possibly be below 4.00????? Some people are just too crazy or too stupid to recognize pure amazingness!
15/10 10/5 250%

Epic Beauty

I feel the only thing that could make this awesome song better is a building intro of music. It's lovely as is, but i bet if you composed a calm flowing intro instead of jumping stright into the lyrics, this could be pure gold. Only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10.

Keep on singing!


My third favourite of your works...sometimes the vocals get kind of obscurred and the drums sound a bit weak...but It's still a song that i catch myself singing to myself lol :) excellent work!

this is one of my favourite

you make very good music and your voice i only have this word wooooowwww i'ts like an angel keep up the good work :p