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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


Oh awesome voice )


Having listened to mjuch of your work (followed up after Tarboy) I have to say I am astounded. Your voice is incredible, that goes without saying, but you seem to have a gift with melody as well. If you've heard of something called Ico, it sounds much like the msuic from that. Very evocative.


Awsome Hania. LIke the music and the singing. Don't what else to say but keep writing more music like this please.

for sum reason the very end beat...

reminds me of creeping in my soul by christina lorenz...i think thats ehr name..anyways great song...it seems like a loyal girl divoted to the evil leader from ur silver mem and gfmp (girl from memery planet)songs. she is completly devoted and will follow him to death


Good, but at the end, it was an eanticlimax. At the last word, a good high pitch should be in order.