Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


I have to agree with onision 100%. With your talent you could change the world someday. Keep up the amazing work. : )

This Is Very Amazing And Well Done

This is really, really good music. This just touched my soul and I think this song has a purpose for some people. You make inspirational music, like the title says


OMG, u deserve all my 10s nice voice and lyrics... and the flow of the song.. it makes me speechless..

Even my tears are crying

Such a beautiful song, very very very well done. I love your voice and the melody is very very soothing and goes in good contrast with the faster paced rhythms. Truly a masterpiece!


Nothig short of amazing. Why this isn't at number 1 i'll never know.

hania responds:

It was #1 a few weeks ago :) Thanks heaps for the support!!