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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


Greatest song ever! It has a great beat and interesting lyrics. It's hard to find a song these days that actually says something worth hearing. You should really consider putting all of your songs on CD or something. It would be huge!

Wow O.O

Why haven't I heard this yet? Seriously, the lyrics and the instruments work together so well. I honestly believe this song came from your heart. Only someone who has truly felt strong inspiration can FEEL the song. It makes such a great mental image too. The way the lyrics are written are way better than your latest piece too. There is so much to say but no way to put it the way I like. So I'm going to end the review and download the song :D.

your songs are so awesome

its so awesome i cant stop listing to it i saw a video with this song and i spent an hour looking for it but it is totally awesome all your songs


This is definitely the most beautiful song I ever heard. What an angelic voice...Your musics really show emotion. It's like they make us hear the most deep feelings in our hearts.

Keep singing :]
10/10 and 5/5

*sniff* such a great voice and great music

u r the best vocal artist on newgrounds, i love ur songs, so heartwarming and emotional, keep up the awesome work