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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

Zomg, play her songs Inspiration and Devastation at the same time :O
Very nice songs, btw :)

Wow, this is so cool. I'm very curious of what program you use, because, your music is like none other.
Okay, so there are some others, but very unique this is. I love this genre.
You need to make more music!


This officially proves you to be my favorite music artist. I first heard your hear you scream, but that is no match to many of your songs. Your voice alone stands out from 90 percent of newgrounds, topped off with the music. I could say you are my musical inspiration (joke not intended), but I simply cannot write or sing music. Only play it, so I remain unheard. Another song by you faved, 5/5 10/10. Keep with this!

Years later

I heard this song two years ago and finally found it again tonight. It still has the same effect as when I first heard it. I love this song and will always love it. Keep up the great work Hania :D

I don't think I can find the proper words...

... to describe this song. I find it difficult to find songs that can pull off both an amazing tune, keep it real the entire duration, and keep the attention of the listener. This combines it perfectly with way above par singing, which I never expect in Newgrounds submissions (but am pleasantly surprised when proven wrong). 5/5, 10/10, EASY. Definitely deserves more, this required actual skill.