Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


i love it, this kind of music is really something i like to listen to
and you performed it quite nicely... but there are points it still can improve on

you have a great voice, even though its great and has a lot of feelings in the words, i still think you could sing some part that it fits the song better
"We're chasing the world on fire" (1.19) the way you sing "fire" in that part fits great, it gives a fantasy feeling to the words... wish you did that more!!!

and something that can be improved on the instruments is the string-like sound from 1.36
if you used some realistic sounding strings instead of the ones that are in it now then it would definitely give an epic feeling to the second part!!!
also the music doesn't reach its full potential in some other parts...

keep it up!!! you sure have talent...
good luck


You are one awesome singer. You should try taking a career (I know it's spelt wrong) I bet you would do very well.

It's nice.

You have a great voice, if only the music was a bit better. It sounds very clipped, maybe adjust the volume levels and EQ of things a bit. Sounds like everything's on full. It's probably not, I know. But it sounds like that :'). Just sounds a bit... Clumped.

It's nice though :).

Like history unfolding.

Your music is truly captivating. Unable to do anything else but imagine how the world is effected with the music. Whilst listening to it, I imagine as humanity, or other life, grows and builds and eventually flies high into the skies then into the stars. Truly, inspiration is the spirit of innovation.

this is my fav by you :D

this is i think your best or maybe 2nd best song, i love it...im speechless dont know what else to say, love the voice, and the music, its all just jumbled into the best song ever :D