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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


A stunning production to say the least!

Lemme first wish you a happy new year XD

Now, one thing i noticed was from 0:50 to about 1:15. The vocals were a bit too soft.
They could have been a hair louder, because i felt the instrumentals in the background were a bit too overbearing. As fpr the rest of the vocals, they were absolutely wonderful.

The lyrics were wonderful! Makes the listener wonder just what exactly your inspiration really is.

The song had a kinda of evanesence feel too it, only your lyrics here are a bit more optomistic XD

I wonder though what this would sound like, though, with a bit more reverb on your vocals.

The piano was most awesome. overall, this song was beautiful. Im about to check out your other one right now XD



you have a great voice. And the song is just, well is so good, i'm speachless.


great talent hania great job u have a really good talent


i really love your music there all well made and very unique!simply awesome


I have to agree with onision 100%. With your talent you could change the world someday. Keep up the amazing work. : )