Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

This is going to sound so badly worded.

Inspiration is, well, inspiring. Makes me want to start drawing again. Thank you so much.

So good

This was great very beutiful.

You should go on Australian Idol :P

I love it.

I really like your music
for this particular song "fire" was my favorite word in the song.
it stuck out.

Besides that i think there should be a way to mass download an artists songs.
thatd be pretty cool. dont you think?

p.s. go get a movie deal of some sort, im sure its not hard for someone with a voice of your caliber

I know this is one of the weirdest review's yougot

but your voice and music could turn a pervert to a calm wise person.
You music changes people. Every review I have seen never said anything like
"I wanna bang you hard" and that is the truth, not a single person that listens to your music is the same person. Congratulations.

Vote 3000, and a hell of a song.

Even back a few years, your musical talent shows it's rainbow of colours. Keep it up!