Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"

Pretty good but not funny...

OK...djaj1what you dont understand is the joke isnt funny...its a good flash dont get me wrong, i've seen hella better, but its good none the less. djaj1...shut up.

ok, i guess considering you drew it by hand and i overall am clueless how to make flash animation...you did a great job, BUT, just because i cant make it doesnt mean i can not criticize.

In my opinion[considering i didn't like it one bit] you should really try something with more humor. the whole "time to kick...w/e ass" made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Stick animation makes things funny. it may take more skill to do fully drawn but that could just mean that the author is on a timeline or just plain bored drawing the shit, and has a long script.

basically...i hated it...but other people may not...even though i hate it...great work!

Extra specail because of it being hand drawn.

I find that nearly everyone who has given the stick slayer movies a bad reviews have that type of geek slang. Or something like this was meant to stop people liking stick movies. He ovoisly made it for a joke. And for some reason people have not seen or taken it as a joke.

Anywho, i think this is one of the best things on Newgrounds, and as ive said because he's hand drawn it, it makes it have that extra specail quality about it.

did not like this one at all

some bits i like but you need to give the graphics an update or something. i steel like stick movie


Wow I thought sticks were the best of all, then came stick slayer. This is one of the best I have ever seen on NG. I loved it, enjoyed it and i watched it more than 9 times haha.

Lol, nice

This is one of my personal flashes, this is one of the first flashes I saw on newgrounds but forgot to review it, so now I am. This has awsome animation for its time and this was your first flash so that's even more impressive. It's pretty funny how modest you are about it, you even call it a crappy submission in your flash. Still I enjoyed it a lot for the second time. Great series, man!