Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"


Well it was for the most part needless violence, reminds me of stick movies. I won't berate you because you can't draw, not too many can. The music was great and the overall feel was okay. Even if it was anti-stick.


You have improved A LOT since this movie, but this is a great movie, especially when you consider when it was submitted. Good job!

i'm glad i watched it

so i can tell you how horrible i think is. the animation ... crap,the sound... ok but could be better, the point ... it's was stupid. it is as dumb as stick figures fighting stick figures. how stupid is that? or ironic in that sense as well


An anti stick figure movie with stick figures....well I guess you can't do it any other way. The bong hit joke is really what made this one work for me.

Well done

It might not be as great as the later episodes, but this is a good series based around a really interesting idea.