Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"

I really dug this one.

This is a SWEET flash... and the music was really awesome, too.


that was great.I laughed my ass off.just the whole concept of killing stick figures is great.


blamarama blammest blammy blam blar


Personally, I'm a big Xaio Xaio fan, and all the stick people stuff is awesome. This is a gread parody. Some people my think that you're a screw ball or a loser for "dissing" the stick figure stuff, but it obvious that you're just messing w/ it. This stuff is great. Keep the irony coming!

Why dont you like stickmen

stickmen arnt bad ther only ment for newbies on flash like Joe Zombie is a stick cartoon and it kicks ass its even in the ng suggested section