Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"

Very Nice

Hah, alright, that was funny. You weren't cutting down on the use of shoddy animation by chance? :o) Which, speaking of, you do a very niec job of animation.


What a great way to get your point across...
I wont give away the ending.. but id think it would be more poetic if the otherside won in the end..

Orignal?... I think so!

Even though I know mny people have thought of killing stick figures no ones done it yet! This movie is by far very cool, and was obviously worked on with time. Great job, and I cant wait to see episode 2!

Dude... Dude, sweet!!!

Wow, this is a really good flick. Good animation and background music make this a "10" in my book. Check it out.

I lik STIck slayger, he's neat

I like the part where he slays the sticks!