Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"

The slayer is badass.

I enjoyed this a good bit with the way the Slayer was taking out all the stickman and i got some laughs from it too,considering this is like eight years old you can't complain with the animation not being that great but none the less i liked this flash a lot.


hmm nice graphics for the year it was made in, also good job putting parental guidnace advise, it will save newgrounds some angry parents ;) Only problem is this is episode one and your already in the final battle...other than that nice job :3

one thing:FUCK YOU!!!

the animation isn't bad, but this is telling lies!!!!! stickmen are the greatest thing the world has to offer on the computer!!!! So, after I right this review, I'll go buy a shotgun and blow Stick slayer's brains out!!!! Woot!!! That'd be fun!!!!


i think you must hate so much the sticks and everything related with sticks
even animation of sticks on newgrounds and creat this animatons and the character well i say this racism on then lol
and think where come the first characters. they come they are raise of animation on computer.
even my first art on paper then I was kid
if you hate sticks I respect but donĀ“t need do coments hit some people
and i think the animation can be more good on graphic

Funny, but...

Parental Guidance is suggested i'm 23 I definatly don't need parental guidance.