Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"

episode one? the FINAL battle?


Awesome in 2001... Classic in 2008...

Hey, "Themaster99052" and "killallbasterds"... How old are you? You obviously weren't on NG in '01 when this was released. Back then this was the sh*t. Of course the graphics are outdated, IT'S SEVEN F*CKING YEARS OLD!!! Retards...

BTW, this is a NG classic. Bravo!

Why do yu hate sticks?

i will give you a zero for the crappy graphics.If you hate them so much why dont you just ignore them?

its ok

its really good but the graphics were shit


To zac11 it is called the final battle because the author didnt know it would be popular it evensays that in the author comment