Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"


What a way to put down stick figures, with the "Stick Slayer". This is one of the best movies mocking stick figures. I myself don't care for stick figures because they tend to be made with very little effort rather than well drawn characters. This was good, nice story, and long too. I especailly liked that part where all the sticks meet the slayer in a duel for the death, how they were all on this battefield. Stick Headquarters...that's funny.

just great

I loved it.
Smooth graphics, and the soundtrack really went well with the scenes.

Death to the sticks

Wow, gotta love it. You also get extra points for using the soundtrack from The Rock, one of the greatest soundtracks ever!

Revenge for all that Stick Figure Crap. Sweet!

If you have hated all the poorly drawn.. no wait that's not stong enough.

Just watch this. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than some of the crap submitted here - and it's a great way to vent some of your frustration.