Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

i loved it! lol finally a movie dats my style!!!!

This movie was really funny, its my style! and fer some reason i like how u drew the creator its a funny look


Great on so many levels. The special features were hilarious too.

Yeah, me again...

Dude fuck...I feel like such a groupie. But hey, I can't praise this shit enough. Well done. Okay again graphics/animation can be improved a bit, but other than that I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. Again, thanks.

Good parody can overcome many flaws.

I'm not going to lie--this isn't exactly the greatest Flash animation I've ever seen--but judging from the steady diarrhea stream coming in here, it is well above average. The main strength here is the humor; while, in general, I liked the Matrix Reloaded, there were some elements that bugged me (which you lampooned pretty well). Be sure to work on the animation, and keep it coming!

SeanSullivan responds:

Eric: To tell you the truth, we have been working on our animation (well.. I have anyway). It's just for some god awful reason, our movies that look like crap seem to get really populer (i.e. "The Artist", "The British Wit"). It's fucking weird, but when I bring out something that does look pretty good, it always gets a medicore rating.
All of these reviews say our animation sucks, but it makes me wonder why they only seem to really like our movies with the crap animation.

Or what? You'll fuck my grandmother?

Senior citizen sodomizer. haha. That was a funny and true take on the matrix reloaded. I enjoyed it. I gave you a 7 for graphics cause they were above average, I gave sound 9 for the mere fact you played the ending of "Calm like a Bomb by RATM", 9 for interactivity because of the scene select (which all good flash movies should have), 9 for style which I consider more important than animation because artwork, although sometimes not done well, has originality, 9 for violence because of the girl fight scene, and a 10 for humor because everything you made fun of about the movie I also made fun of when i came out of that theatre. I think the is no better parody for the matrix reloaded out there. Keep up the good work.