Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"


good job, for all the people who think the matrix reloaded was good, I got 3 words for you.............

Keanu Reeves ass (eww)


Oh shit , that was so retarded , it wasn't funny at all , during the two parts it's seemed like you are another of these little immature dumbasses that didn't understood the matrix , and they sure prefer Eddie Murphie felling on his ass , how funny. Anyway , i hope that your intelligence will increase , as everybody that laught at these movies. The lockers rooms doors as a annoying joke. Try having a funny history on something else than a movie , only immature people likes it.

SeanSullivan responds:

Eric Sullivan: Oh I so do love to read replys from ignorant "Matrix" fans who think the movie was good no matter what anyone says about it.
We fucking understood "The Matrix Reloaded" more then you ever will, being that you're a brain washed little bitch who'll enjoy anything the Wachowski brothers will churn out to make a quick buck.
It seem more to me that you're the one being the immature dumbass who really did not understand "The Matrix Reloaded"'s very shallow character development & boring speechs that only a total idiot would find meaningful.
That and the action scenes were way too drawn out and there wasn't a speck of tension in any of the action scenes (which is something that make action scenes 10x more fun to watch, not just dull martial arts fighting).
Anyways, I'm ranting again, I hope your intelligence increases in the future & you are not brain washed by hollywood blockbusters ever again.
Or as Rage once said, "Know your enemey".

for all you....well this was f*cking

High-larry-us. But stillll......the real matrix was good, but you couldn't understand to much of it although i understood most of it. But this is a much better version.


look, the only people who think the diologe was stupid in matrix 2, just couldent understand it cuz there TOO FUCKING STUPID!, like you idiots who dident realize that the guy on the tabel next to neo at the end is the guy with AGENT SMITHS PROGRAMMING IN HIS HEAD, the movie kicked ass and was totally awesome-tastic, this flash was good too, but dumb people, dumb people must die.

SeanSullivan responds:

Eric Sullivan: I don't even have to say anything right here... you're just a fucking idiot.

OMFG LOL!!!!!!!!!

OMFG!! so true! taht women is so old! and that old guy always speaks and u cant understand wut hes saying! SO FUNNYYY!